Branding and Design is essential to stand out from all the other companies, create loyalty to your brand, and to be memorable. It is crucial to differentiate your brand from contenders in the rapid growing industry. An efficient cannabis brand strategy gives you sharpness to keep it memorable. With intelligent branding, you define your purpose and identity, and add value to your business. Canna Advertising work with clients to create brands that demand attention. With precise branding techniques, you can define your purpose and identity to add value to your business. Everything about your dispensary logo, tagline, signage, color scheme, business cards, advertising and website communicate quality to your customers.

In the world of business, marketing is everything. With strong marketing strategies you can go propel into the industry in ways other companies are not able to. The quickest way to generating sales is marketing. With cannabis, marketing is very complex and takes consistent and frequent research, testing and analysis. Get everything going with lead generation, email nurturing & marketing email. Create more time and energy to work on your business by hiring the right professionals to support the company’s growth.

A functional, user friendly website can help drive sales and user engagement. With our highly effective and energetic team, we are dedicated to creating websites that are effective and useful. Our originative sites are designed for desktop and mobile. To generate sales, with optical content, interactive elements and keen design.

Just as books are judged by their cover, so are your products. You must be capable of making the outside appealing as well as the inside. Great packaging means it will stand out on a shelf to buyers. Products must create enthusiastic customers and brand ambassadors. Canna Advertisement inspires memorable impressions that capitalize on this critical aspect of marketing. Instantly separate your product from the competition and boost sales with our stand-out services.

Save your business time, money and decrease risk. With everyone being expert in cannabis; just ask Canna Advertising. Business planning, grow-house consulting, accounting, point-of-sale and more are all available through our partner network. Implement cost-effective cannabis business technologies and methodologies to zoom past the competition. We can recommend all of our vetted partners that have expertise in their field to provide you customized services for your cannabis business.

You will want to get expert advice around the new rules and regulations to stay legal and in compliance. Know how your business is at risk from Federal, State and Local jurisdictions. Market experience is combined with California-specific insight to help cannabis businesses stay informed and compliant as cannabis law continues to change. Every business is unique and the rules are vague and difficult to parse. Canna Advertising is committed to help clients build a cannabis business for long-term growth.

Our regulations experts protect your business. It is possible to minimize exposure to Federal law through managing State compliance. Write strong leases that mitigate risk for your investment and uses California’s trust system to protect your assets. Stay secure and ahead of the game with legal counsel that knows the cannabis industry.

Varying quality and cost of IT solutions should not be underestimated or short-changed. Comprehensive Information Technology is critical financial for the success of your business. With our consultative approach we will evaluate your business needs, understanding where you are and where you plan to go. Canna Advertising strides to take advantage of the latest thinking coupled with the best experience gathered over years. From networks used to support employee productivity, stock control systems and your point of sales system to the backend systems hosting business intelligence, data repositories and directory services, IT is everywhere. It is important to train employees on secure practices, keep your financial records, accounting information and patient medical information secure to meet today and future regulations and compliance from the beginning.

Distribution is how a company gets its products or services to the consumers and acts as one of the important parts of your business’s overall marketing strategy. It is one of the key points of marketing – product, promotion, price and placement, or known as distribution. One of the biggest tools we bring to our customers is the ability to place their products into shops immediately after coming on board with our firm. Canna Advertising is here to make sure you do not spend unnecessary money where it does not belong. This allows you to have control over your results and where you see them. Analyzing them to ensure that you are using the right channels to get your product to your buyers

The distribution channels selected can determine what the rest of the marketing techniques would be, which influences the buyer directly. Distribution channels include wholesalers, e-commerce websites, consultants, a direct sales force who sell over the phone, in person or both, and retailers. These methods tend to appeal to the buyers demographic. Whether you are a small business or large you will want to narrow in on these channels to pinpoint where it would create the best and most efficient end result.

Canna Advertising studies the attractiveness and the dynamics of a special market within the cannabis industry. Conducting an overall market analysis to determine the target demographic and demand for your products. Analyzing the market will also determine pricing with competitors, for the product and the best distribution channels. Companies can then create their marketing strategy based on the information obtained. Regular marketing analysis’ review the effectiveness to help companies figure out whether their marketing strategies are working or whether they need to reconsider how they are promoting the product.

Once businesses determine where their customers are, they should make sure to have their distribution channel flow directly there. The distribution channel should be matched against its buyers. This will ensure that the marketing is being directed to the appropriate place for the products benefit. Even with the best promotions or marketing the product wont be bought if it is being sold or distributed in the wrong place.

Any business should take into account how their buyers want to receive their products. Once that’s determined, the company should figure out whether to sell directly or through a marketing intermediary such as retailers or wholesalers by estimating which one is most profitable. We work to find out where the customer prefers to purchase the item. Do they want to buy online, talk to direct sales reps or browse in a store? This can be understood by using market data that shows the number of potential sales, plus the price per product minus the cost of distribution.

Potency Testing

Potency testing offers patients a better understanding of the active chemicals present in their medicine. Greater information ensures that a patient has a better opportunity to choose the right medicine specific to his/her symptoms. In addition, labeling which specifically identifies the potency and cannabinoid profile will allow both doctor and patient to meter out a specific dose and avoid any overdose situations. offers a full cannabinoid profiling, utilizing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) for our potency testing and full spectrum cannabinoid analysis. Our HPLC testing methods provides a more robust profiling of cannabinoid presence. uses methods that enable precision accuracy and detection, to provide patients, caregivers, and dispensaries with exact measurements of the active ingredients fully disclosed on a label. This is the kind of information and quality assurance that patients, caregivers, and dispensaries need to make healthy choices.

The cannabis plant contains over 420 different compounds which include cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, glycoproteins, alkaloids, and many others. Each of these compounds have varied and unique effects. While much focus has been given to amount of THC in your medicine, the presence of these other compounds unique to cannabis can have much greater medical benefits.

In fact, non-psychoactive cannabinoids and other compounds present in cannabis influence the effects of THC activity, by either adding synergistic effects to primary active ingredients in cannabis, or by mitigating the side effects of the primary active ingredients in cannabis.

Pesticide Testing

The FDA has not determined safe levels of ANY pesticide or fungicide on cannabis. Many marijuana cultivators use illegal or banned pesticides on their crops. Ingesting pesticides can be harmful in even the smallest doses. Patients deserve to know whether or not the medicines they choose contain harmful pesticide residues and in what amounts.

To ensure the safety of patients, the Medical Cannabis community has a responsibility to provide tested medicine that is verified safe and pesticide free. uses GC (Gas Chromatography) to tests for dozens of the most commonly used pesticides. Methods using the GC are consistent with EPA, ELAP, and International Testing standards. can verify the presence of trace amounts of chemical pesticides in dried flowers and other medical cannabis concentrates using tests that are more sensitive, more comprehensive and have a much faster turnaround time than the competition.